New release: CityServer3D 3.1.0

Mittwoch, 12. September 2012

The new version of CityServer3D 3.1.0 has been released today. The update contains a number of new features as well as higher stability. The roll-out to our customers starts today.

Graphical rule editor

With the new graphical editor in the CityServer3D AdminTool is it now possible to map automatic processes. In the product view you can define not only the data sources but also the rules containing several simple workflow steps.

Currently there are various workflow steps, which you can combine in the rule editor with a click. E.g. it is possible to colorize all objects of one type in the city model, like buildings or trees, or objects with a certain level of details. This process can be saved and executed whenever it is required. It allows the integration of different data sources into a common data basis.

In the future versions we will develop further workflow steps, strongly considering customers’ requirements.

First steps at the welcome page

At the newly established welcome page of the CityServer3D AdminTool you will find the function “First Steps” which explains the usage of the AdminTool introducing an example project. The welcome page can be easily deactivated by removing the according checkmark.

The welcome page will be continuously developed in the future. Thus, you should time to time take a look at it choosing “Help/Welcome page” in the menu.

Improved visualisation of the 2D map

The 2D view in the AdminTool uses as a standard the maps from OpenStreetMap. For the visualisation of the basis data we use now MapQuest, which leads to an appealing and homogeneous map portrayal. Besides this MapQuest offers several distributed download server for the maps making the portrayal faster.

Upon request you can still embed own WMS as a map basis.

Faster document-oriented database relation

In the last CityServer3D version we introduced the usage of document-oriented databases for the 3D city model data storage. One of the biggest advantages of this data storage type is that it is faster than relational databases.

We are happy to report that we succeeded in making the MongoDB relation even faster.

Do you have questions or would like to discuss any specific requirements? Feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you.

Enjoy working with the CityServer3D!