The 3D-web-revolution

Montag, 08. Oktober 2012

WebTechCon 2012 3D is everywhere - talking about the cinema, TVs or Blu ray discs, this trend cannot be stopped anywhere. Anyway, speaking of that, the web is no limitation to it.

At the WebTech Conference 2012, Michel Krämer from the department Spatial Information Management is going to present technologies like WebGL and the high-level API X3DOM, both of which make it possible to seamlessly embed 3D content within HTML5 websites. He is going to show live and with the aid of practical examples, how to work with it and which advantages are offered by using 3D in the web.

The WebTech Conference covers the whole range of topics relevant to the success of a business in the web. This embraces HTML5 and JavaScript as well as architectural topics, cloud computing or web security. Another particular emphasis will be placed on mobile websites as well as on applications for smartphones and tablets.