CityServer3D Version 4.0

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

The new version 4.0 of the CityServer3D has just been published. The update contains a bunch of new features in addition to several improvements in its stability. The rollout throughout our customers is starting by now.

New component: CityCompact

From this very moment on, the new component CityCompact, which is going to be delivered to each of our long-term customers, is included in the CityServer3D. Using CityCompact, you can export the currently presented / opened scene in the AdminTool and thus create a stand-alone application. CityCompact produces an independent 3D viewer that opens the selected scene automatically, once it is started.

First, you need to upload a scene in(to) the AdminTool, after that you select the menu option File/Export as CityCompact application…. The opened scene is going to be exported together with the 3D Viewer into a repository of your choice.

The CityCompact Viewer does neither need additional software nor internet connection. This is why it is perfectly suitable for e.g. running on a notebook during presentations or for the dissemination of data.

Data protection

The CityCompact naturally contains functionalities to protect your data when it is shared with third parties. * The exported scene can be protected by using a password so that unauthorized persons do not have any access to it. The product produced by the CityCompact encrypts your data by the use of a secure AES algorithm. * You can equip your data with a watermark in order to be able to prove its origin at any time.


The CityServer3D AdminTool in the new version 4.0 offers enlarged functionalities concerning the integration of a watermark into an exported dataset. By doing so, a proof of origin can be delivered at any time so that the owner of a dataset can surely be identified.

A watermark is an invisible markup added to your 3D data while the 3D data is changed to a minimum. The resulting inaccuracy is negligibly small and remains invisible for the viewer. But it can be used for the indication, if a particular person has marked the dataset due to sophisticated algorithms. This is how ownership and origin can be proven.

Select menu option File/Create watermark… in the AdminTool in order to produce a special file which contains your personal watermark. This file should be kept well for being able to add your personal watermark to exported dataseta. Furthermore, you are going to need the file for the proof of origin.

Open a scene in the AdminTool and export it as a file selecting File/Save as… or File/Export…. Press the Continue button in the wizard in order to find the options for watermarks. Enter the formerly created watermark file, there, and finally press Finish for the integration of the watermark into the exported file.

Improved graphical rule editor

Automated processes can be visualized with the help of the graphical rule editor within the CityServer3D AdminTool. Besides the definition of the data sources it is possible to define and save the rules, consist of simple steps. Version 4.0 of the graphical editor offers extended functionalities.

As we received feedback from our customers in production mode, we have been able to add several useful functionalities so that working processes can be facilitated/enhanced.


  • The welcome page is showing a list of formerly opened files. Thus it is possible to begin with work quickly as soon as you start the tool.
  • The speed of the document-oriented database has been accelerated further as well as the speed of the W3DS interface.