CityServer3D Version 6.0

Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

The new version 6.0 of the CityServer3D has just been published. The update contains a bunch of new features in addition to several improvements in its stability. The rollout throughout our customers is starting by now.

Graphical rule editor - Server execution

Automated processes can be visualized with the help of the graphical rule editor within the CityServer3D AdminTool. Besides the definition of the data sources it is possible to define and save the rules, consist of simple steps. Version 6.0 of the graphical editor offers extended functionalities.

The most requested feature is the execution of rules on the server. This feature us only available to the administrators of your CityServer3D installation, but can be easily extended to common users if requested.

New Renderer for higher performance

The renderer of CityServer3D was revised and it has some advantages:

  • The visualization requires less powerful computers
  • Larger scenes are easily represented without perfromance issues
  • The renderer enables more complex visualization techniques that find application in future versions.

Optimized project management

Already in version 5.0, the project management has been introduced for fast access to frequently used data and rules. In this version, the project management has been improved. New rules, data or projects can be added to a button.

In future versions the porject view will be expanded by many more features and forms the basis for the new interface for the rule-based CityServer3D system.


  • The welcome page is showing a list of formerly opened files. Thus it is possible to begin with work quickly as soon as you start the tool.
  • The speed of the document-oriented database has been accelerated further as well as the speed of the W3DS interface.
  • In version 6.0 we made multiple improvements of database performance regardless of the database type you use.