CityServer3D Version 8.0

Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

The new version 8.0 of the CityServer3D has just been published. The update contains a bunch of new features in addition to several improvements in its performance. The rollout throughout our customers is starting by now.

Visibility analysis

With this new function our customer has the possibility in performing visibility analysis of their geo data. Required is a digital terrainmodel in grid format or a triangulated terrainmodel which can be converted to a grid with the CityServer3D function (object -> resample). After loading a compatibly grid the visibility analysis function can be found at "Window -> Show view -> Viewshed analysis"

The result can be shown in two different ways: A 2D visualsiation of the terrain model with green areas showing the spots from where the camera position would be visible (left image) and a 3D visualisation where those green areas are matched onto the terrainmodel as its texture (right image). The user can decide the point for evaluation with the current camera position.

New web visualisation

Our product ViewService got an advanced technology. The visualisation framework has bee replaced for more performance while still beeing plugin-free. The server has a new function where the entire database content can be konverted and optimized for the webvisualisation. The function is accessible via "CityService3D Web Viewer" on the server interface.

The Button "Rebuild" rebuilds the entire database and the button "Launch Viewer" visualizes the scene in the browser. The function is going to get improved in upcoming versions, for example with a layer filter. With this filter some layers can be excluded from the rebuild process which will improve the performance even more.

CeBIT 2015

The Fraunhofer IGD has presented their new technology and the new functions of the CityServer3D and the project 3D-Vis The combination of those projects results in a shared communication basis between city planners, citizens and communities, facilitating planning and decision-making processes.

With their CityServer3D, the Fraunhofer researchers are turning a Multitouch table into a platform for the discussion of alternatives by experts, operators and citizens. In the process, people can intuitively operate the table with their fingers like a huge smartphone. Various geo data, such as satellite pictures and construction drawings, are combined there. A 3D illustration makes the construction projects visually comprehensible and reveals any issues at an early stage. In addition, the models generated by CityServer3D are also accessible by anyone online thanks to the new generation of 3D web browsers.


  • Performance of server rule execution improved
  • AdminTool documentation updated