CityServer3D Version 9.0

Freitag, 04. September 2015

The new version 9.0 of the CityServer3D has just been published. The update contains a bunch of new features in addition to several improvements in its performance. The rollout throughout our customers is starting by now.

Import attributes with CSV

With our new recipe the automatical import of metadata has been improved. With a csv-file like the one in the image on the left you can attach attributes to multiple objects with one click.

Tiled Export

The AdminTool provides a tiled export. After configuring the parameter in the export wizard the AdminTool automatically creates the folder hirarchy and exports the objects in the given format. You can reach this function via File -> Export. After configuring the filename and path you can click on "next" and make additional configuration, such as the tiled export.


The Fraunhofer IGD will presented their new technology and the new functions of the CityServer3D and other projects. With their CityServer3D, the Fraunhofer researchers are turning a Multitouch table into a platform for the discussion of alternatives by experts, operators and citizens. In the process, people can intuitively operate the table with their fingers like a huge smartphone. Various geo data, such as satellite pictures and construction drawings, are combined there. A 3D illustration makes the construction projects visually comprehensible and reveals any issues at an early stage. In addition, the models generated by CityServer3D are also accessible by anyone online thanks to the new generation of 3D web browsers.

Feel free to make an appointment with us at the INTERGEO 2015:


  • Performance of server rule execution improved
  • AdminTool documentation updated
  • Improved NAS-Support
  • Ruleprotocolls can be saved