Our world is increasingly described three-dimensionally. 3D computer models play an important role in city planning, tourism, and knowledge transfer. The CityServer3D allows for the first time to make a lively use of 3D city models. The software can manage two- and three-dimensional geographic data and connect them to each other. The CityServer3D automatically generates three-dimensional models and so also carries out simulations in the 3D world.

The technology of the CityServer3D consists of a geo-database, a server with numerous interfaces for the import and export of the data and applications for the development of landscape models. An administration software allows to process the data and the web viewer takes them by Internet onto the user's screen.

CityServer3D Spatial Information Management

CityServer3D AdminTool

The application CityServer3D Spatial Information Management offers data integration and editing features for 2D and 3D geodata. Our rule-based data management approach allows automatic updates of 3D city models. The CityServer3D consists of an administration tool and a server component.
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CityServer3D VIEW Service

Darmstadt in the Web Browser via X3DOM

Take advantage of our new innovative technologies and present your 3D city model in the Internet. The CityServer3D VIEW Service provides complete 3D GIS applications based on integrated 2D and 3D data. Moreover, it offers direct access to geodata via a powerful web service interface.
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CityServer3D CityCompact


CityCompact as part of the CityServer3D allows to export the current 3D scene to a stand-alone application which serves as a viewer. On this way, the geodata can be shared with third parties.
CityCompact does not need any additional software or internet access. Therefor the preferred field of application if the use on laptops during lectures or the dissemination of the data. Of course, CityCompact contains features that protect your data if you want to pass it on to third parties.